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Our Values

Free Assessment for 65+BANKS 

Know every bank you can open account worldwide

See account opening flow

No success, no pay

No visit, no pre-payment required

Open Account Easily. 100% Success Rate.




Banking Features 

Reduce & Diversify your risk

Shields you from economic and political risk as well as capital controls.

An international bank account can be opened in a country that is different from one in which the company has been incorporated

Increase & Diversify your options

Contact once and learn the banks meet your needs among 65 international banks.

Fastest remote account opening

Through most of our partner banks, get your account in a traditional bank within a week.

Credit & Debit card feature

You can enjoy free cash withdrawal securely at almost 3 million ATMs worldwide with physical cards provided.

Find out numerous investment opportunities

Each bank provides its unique features in terms of investment opportunities. Why not to check out!



With achievement of more than 500 successful account opening records, we are ready to guide you on the entire account opening process.

Contact us to learn if you are good to go for a bank application.

Be ready for questions

Get free consultation, see if you are qualified,  If so, we do NOT charge until we get approval from the bank. 


Get free information about required documents and application processes.

Once you submit your documents, we start conducting an enhanced due diligence process and use our strong banking relationship to structure the best application practice possible for your business

*All your information provided remains highly confidential and will be removed once the process is completed.

Bir İmza

Once we receive pre approval from the bank assessment team, get ready for an online interview. 

We are more than happy to share hints and our years of experience with you on bank interview.

As we keep our promise, this is when we invoice our clients.

Video Görüşmesinde

What happens in case A/C opening failure ?


Get 90% refund & Request for another bank application

We proceed with the 2nd best bank option for your business without additional charge.

Our Values

We know Hong Kong & Singapore banks

-Lion Business Co. is a union of former Hong Kong & Singapore bank officers, that is where our knowledge and strong network comes from.

-We know the mindset about how the bank accepts an application that is how we accomplished 99% success rate.

Other Banking Solutions

Hong Kong & Singapore Banking
Traditional/Real Bank

  • Best for Trade with China

  • No control in foreign exchange

High Risk Banking
Business dealing with

HK Virtual Banking
Recommend for SMEs and New business

Free of Charge

Multicurrency Business Account


  • IBAN, Swift

  • No sending/receiving limit

  • Card facility

  • Easier KYC

  • Forex Trading

  • CRYPTO-currency

  • Russio, Latin America

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Client Testimonials


Got my business account ;). Thank your for your help, I’m really pleased on how easy and bullshit free it was thanks to you and your company. I have one query, the bank needed an HK mailing address and used the one you put on the form , is that ok? I asked them to minimize the mailing and opened an online service instead so everything can be accessed online.

Nick | TingTip Limited