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Company Incorporation

Company incorporation is one of the most desired subjects to learn about in the global world that we are living in. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs who say, "I have an idea, I am an expert in my business, but I do not know how to set up a company, how many days it takes to establish a company, what are the costs, how to determine the capital size and company type", this article is for you! With our article that will help you draw your roadmap, you can consciously complete the stages of establishing a company. If you have decided to be the boss of your own business and you are wondering how to do company incorporation you are reading the right article. We will give answers about how to establish a company, how many types of companies are there, what is the cost of starting a company, what stages does it consist of? The answers to all these questions and more are in this article.

About Company Establishment

Company incorporation has some stages like in every business move. It consists of registration procedures with the tax office and procedures for gaining legal personality by being registered by the trade registry.You can carry out the company establishment procedures either personally or with the support of an expert. However, getting professional support from a Financial Advisor or Legal Advisor during the incorporation process speeds up business processes and prevents potential problems. Company incorporation procedures vary according to the type of company and partnership structure. After completing the company incorporation stages of the company, which we have explained in general terms, it can start its activities, open a bank account, collect receipts, invoices, waybills, etc. You can print documents and apply to SSI to employ workers. After all these documents you can finally get your company incorporation certificate.

How to Find The Company Type

Determination of company incorporation type is a very important subject. When you decide to do company incorporation you must first determine which type of company you will establish. Because the establishment process and the amount of capital differ according to the type of company to be established.In the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, establishment transactions between private companies and capital companies, responsibilities of partners, capital, taxation, etc. The topics and the differences between them are clearly explained. You can easily find answers about how to find the right company type or company incorparation number nedir questions from our article. If you want to get some knowlage about company incorporation Singapore you can make a research on internet or keep in touch with our company.

How Much Capital Is Required To Start A Company From The Beginning ?

The company incorporation process is completed in a few days. It is expected that the required capital will be sufficient to meet the cash needs of the company until it earns enough to sustain its life. The minimum level that is required to establish a limited company is 10,000 TL, and for a joint stock company it is 50,000 TL. For a single-partner venture with a capital of 10.000 TL, there will be approximately 1.500 - 2.000 TL company incorporation costs, excluding the Financial Advisor and rental fee. Limited Companies can pay ¼ of the committed capital within 2 years from the establishment. However, ¼ of the capital determined in the establishment of a joint stock company must be deposited in the bank before the establishment of the company.If the company has a foreign partner, additional documents that are required to be prepared for the foreign partner will increase the establishment costs.

Which Type of Company Is More Advantageous?

Company incorporation meaning is finding a strong way of building your bussines again. It is something that has obligations and advantages also differ depending on whether the company type is "Limited" or "Incorporated".Limited company is more advantageous in terms of minimum capital amount. However, the responsibilities of limited company incorporation partners are also unlimited. Joint stock company shareholders are responsible in proportion to their capital.Share transfer in a limited company requires the approval of the general assembly and is done through a notary public. In joint stock companies, general assembly approval is not required for share transfer. Shareholders can transfer their shares to others at any time. It is important to make company incorporation documents ready before any meetings.

The First Step of Company Establishment

There are two ways that you need to learn and do during the company incorporation phase of the company: to register with the relevant Chamber of Commerce and to open a taxpayer license from the relevant Tax Office. Determining the type of company, Determining the company address, Preparation of the articles of association of the company. While preparing the company's articles of association, the company title and company NACE code must be determined. Confirmation of the company's articles of association by entering MERSIS, Obtaining the tax number via MERSIS, In the establishment of a joint stock company, you must open an account in the name of the company in the bank with a notarized main contract and tax number and deposit ¼ of the capital into this account.

It is important to apply to Chamber of Commerce for company registration. During the application, the petition, the declaration of establishment, the articles of association, the bank blocking letter, the competition fund payment documents must be ready. You don’t have to pay company incorporation fees at this stage. The chamber of commerce completes the registration process in a few days. Obtaining notarized circular of signature, Receiving Official Books from the Trade Registry, By applying to the tax office, the company must be registered and the tax plate must be issued. Registration of industrial organizations with the Chamber of Industry, Obtaining a license from the municipality to open a business, required.

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