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Company Registration in Hong Kong

Updated: Apr 30

Company registration in Hong Kong is not that easy across all the existing businesses when you are a foreigner. It is important to know your business's basic features and nuances become vital before investing here. There are different kinds of business types, which can only be registered in the HK government's Special Administrative Region. Some of these businesses are limited liability companies, partnerships, public companies, and professional corporations.

If you wish to open a Hong Kong company, it is essential to set up a legal office. You need to get the office's address from the Registration Office of the HK. After going through some legal processes, you are eligible to register a company in Hong Kong.

Two documents are very important apart from all the other documents for the registration of a company in Hong Kong, one is the document of the company registration fee, and the other is the company secretary's statutory payment. The company secretary is responsible for managing the registered office's funds to pay the annual registration fees. The company secretary also handles the price of the share capital of the company.

Many other things are needed for the process of opening a company in Hong Kong. One of them is the original document of the name of the company. Two other items are the nominee director and the nominee shareholder. One director must be a resident of the country, and the other must have the consent of the nominee member of the company. The nominee director is the person who will manage the company affairs during the time of its official start-up.

Forming a Limited Liability Company in Hong Kong: To start a limited liability company in Hong Kong, one needs to follow the prescribed procedure. These days the internet has been widely used to conduct business. You can easily find many websites offering information on various types of company incorporation. But the problem is these websites lack practical experience and have no idea about incorporating a company in real. You can collect the news online and follow the instructions from that company, but it will only result in a big NO from the company registration authority in Hong Kong. That is why we, the Lion Business Co., are here. Over the last ten years, we have an exponential network build-up in the arena of company registration. Our clients get Exclusive VIP service from the Company Registration authority in Hong Kong.

Forming a Private Limited Liability Company: Another popular way of incorporating a business is via the Limited Liability partnership. This method is less formal than the company registration process. Under this method, one director will act as the company secretary while two or more directors are appointed to serve as the partners in the partnership. You need to bear in mind that the companies secretary needs to be a qualified person. He or she should be a skilled business professional with a proven track record of success.

How to open a Hong Kong company: After deciding how to incorporate a private company limited by equity, You need to choose a proper name for your company. Choose a name that reflects the nature and objectives of your company. If you want your company to do Stock Exchange and investment-related work, you can go for such a word related to investment banking.

After selecting the company name, register it at the Companies Registry. The Companies Registry is a record of all registered businesses in Hong Kong. You need to provide some simple information about your company and set up a nominee director and nominee secretary to have two or more directors. The next step is to set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC), an offshore company where the sole director and members are liable.

Incorporating a company in HK is not easy, as it has been said in some blogs. That is why thousands of consultancy firms are working only to open and register new companies for foreign nationals. But these small and big companies lack their legal team, investment analysis team, and data science team. They also do have very little access to authoritative governmental communication. Our team will help you from A2Z to build your dream in Hong Kong. So, why get tensed while Lion Business CO. is here for you?

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