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Enjoy tax free and easy incorporation in Seychelles

Some islands in the Indian Ocean constitute the Seychelles Republic. It is situated northeast of Madagascar and 1,600 km off Kenya's coast, in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles' legal framework is based on standard and statutory law combined with corporate and criminal legislation. ‘’Instead of erecting barriers, we should remove taxes and regulations that encourage others to come to Seychelles and make Seychelles attractive to foreign business entities’’. This philosophy has enabled economic transparency, regulatory effectiveness, and a well-balanced Rule of Law over the years.

Hong Kong and other offshore financial hubs, encourage the action in which foreign businesses and foreign investors shall conduct international trade under the Seychelles flag in the International Business Companies Act. This way your profit are excluded from income tax in the country of incorporation, that is the benefit of setting up a company in Seychelles.

When forming a company in Seychelles, an external and approved introducer does the work of the exterior. Lion Business Co. is a well-versed and trusted source in these fields. Thus, it is a suitable company for your Seychelles company-forming and company support needs. Financial protection, continuity, and a uniform appearance are all aspects that Creative + works to provide for corporate clients.

Seychelles has some of the most inclusive yet relatively straightforward incorporation rules, making it easy to incorporate. The Seychelles International Companies Act was implemented in 1994. Thirty thousand new companies in Seychelles are added every month, with 600 new ones being reported each month. Enjoy the perks, including tax-free incorporation in Seychelles today Business. Lion Business CO. will help you in incorporation in Seychelles. For more details, please, contact us!

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