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Accounting and bookkeeping are essential to running a successful business anywhere.


We look after your company’s compliance with Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department and Company Registry. 

However, auditing and tax filing are statutory requirements in Hong Kong.


Get all bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and tax return filing services in one place from Lion Business Co.’s  Certified Public Accountants


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 Bookkeeping  Accounting  Auditing  Tax return filing 


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Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing, Tax 


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Financial Documents Collection

Send your financial documents 

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Preparation of Accounting Reports

We organize and file the financial documents supplied, then prepare accounting books including General Ledger, Account Payables and Account Receivables, finally prepare financial statements including Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement.

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Generating "Audit Report"

As Lion Business Co, we organize all from A to Z. We get audit report from HKICPA (Auditor)

 Why we recommend to hire accountant 

Tax Computation

The auditor with the help of our accountants will prepare an estimated computation of your company’s Profits Tax of the period. This tax computation is a document required by the filing of Profits Tax return.

Tax Return Filing & Submission

As Lion Business Co. we will file the Profits Tax return on your company’s behalf, and ensure the return and the supplementary documents are in place and their format is in compliance with the regulations of the IRD. We will submit the completed return to the IRD.

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Why Lion Business Co.

We understand of your business operation and your financial situation,

Get advice to improve your tax and finance position e.g. save tax, increase cash flow.

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Lion Business Co. services has been reached to more than 135 country

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International Tax Planning

Corporate | Personal

Plan your cross border tax optimization strategy with us.

See the advantages of strategic tax planning. Reduce your tax & Increase profitability. 


Recommended for 

*International businesses that run cross border operations

*Professionals working out of their home country

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Client Testimonials


Got my business account ;). Thank your for your help, I’m really pleased on how easy and bullshit free it was thanks to you and your company. I have one query, the bank needed an HK mailing address and used the one you put on the form , is that ok? I asked them to minimize the mailing and opened an online service instead so everything can be accessed online.

Nick | TingTip Limited